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Up Coming Events

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It's back!   The Family Pizza & Quiz Night at The Waiting Room Cafe.  Family friendly questions aimed at the entire family.

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The Unforgetaball is an annual Ball held in Christchurch for people with special needs and their friends and families. This is a great night with lots of music, dancing and great food, not to mention loads of fun. 

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Coming this September!! Selwyn Parenting Week 2021!! Yes we are delighted to announce that @selwyn_parenting_network will be hosting its first ever dedicated Selwyn Parenting Week this September, from Monday 20th through to Sunday 26th… a week where we will bring you various events, across a range of different Parenting topics, in different parts of the region and on Parenting topics for different ages…

Having previously aligned to other parenting week events in the city (that were also held biannually) we thought that the time was right to dedicate a week to Parenting events right here in Selwyn!!

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing our line up of different speakers, topics and events all aimed at empowering you as parents, and in turn strengthening families, parents and caregivers through providing access to a range of resources that may help you on your Parenting journey.

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