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Past Events and Projects

South Island Youth Connect #Activate 2017
South Island Youth Connect #Activate 2017 was a hui bringing together young people and youth participation groups/youth councils from around the South Island. 18 Youth participation groups/youth councils attended the weekend hui 13-14 May 2017.

Workshops aimed at supporting and equipping these groups included team building, social media, event planning, running meetings and ethics.

4YP Coordinated the 2 day conference, managed the venue, catering, presenters, accomodation, travel and technical requirements.

Q-topia Mardi Gras - A Youth Celebration
The Q-topia Mardi Gras was the opening event for Christchurch Pride 2017 on Friday 10 March 2017.

This free community event celebrated young people, from both the LGBTIQ rainbow communities and the wider youth sector, their families and friends.  The Mardi Gras included performances, food, art and fun activities for the whole family. Mardi Gras is all about masks, costumes, beads, music and dance. 4YP coordinated the live entertainment and oversaw the technical requirements of the performers.

Youth Voice Canterbury Advisory Group
Youth Voice Canterbury is a network of youth particatory groups and youth councils from greater Christchurch.  4YP's Leading Consultant, Chris Martin was a founding member of YVC and continues to be involved as a mentor and active member of the YVC Advisory Group.  4YP supports the goals and activities of Youth Voice Canterbury by providing mentoring, training and access to resources.  Leadership development which gives a voice to young people is a key objective of 4YP.  
This is a collaborative project that is jointly supported by local territorial authorities, Be The Change New Zealand and  the Canterbury Youth Workers' Collective.

Generation House Project

In 2014 the first Selwyn Youth Council (SYC) hosted a leadership day for 150 young people from the Selwyn District called "Be The Change".  

The day concluded with a 'Conversation Cafe' that  identified a key need for a youth space in Rolleston.  As the SYC worked on this project they decided the space had to be intergenerational, inclusive and demonstrate the vales of Community Connection, Generational Transfer, Generosity, Expression, Social Justice, Learning, Hospitality, Acts of Service, Environmental Awareness and Passion.​


Having developed the vision for Generation House, the SYC was restructured in 2016 and the project leadership transferred to the Rolleston Community partnering with the Salvation Army.  

In June 2017 a house was purchased at 646 Springston Rolleston Road and Generation House became a reality.


The Generation House Project is a community project that aims to provide a physical space for  teaching, encouragement, empowerment, and the outworking of a set of values. Everything that happens at Generation House will be held accountable to the values: always promoting- never compromising.


This project is innovative and community lead.  To follow this project, which 4YP has been a part of since its inception, or join its journey visit:

The Strengthening The Youth Sector Project

The Strengthening the Youth Sector Project has been a collection of projects based around five themes. Founded upon the issues identified in a post-earthquake hui with the youth sector in September 2012, the project formed five working groups to target key areas of development for the youth sector, in order to meet the needs of young people.  

The Strengthening the Youth Sector Hui held each year in September is purposed to provide an opportunity for the youth sector of Greater Christchurch to come together and reflect on what issues are needing to be addressed to strengthen the sector post-quakes. Since the initial hui in 2012, this event has continued to be a valuable networking opportunity and significant discussion for the sector.

The project is guided by an Inter Agency Group. This is a group of government organisations, local government, NGOs and philanthropists. Using their collective resources and networks, the group work together to support and inform the five projects and provide leadership to the project.
The project has undergone a lot of changes over the last few years, most recently employing a dedicated Project Manager and Administrator.

For more information check out:

4YP's Chris Martin has been part of this project since its inception.  He has been involved with projects, working groups and sits on the Inter Agency Group.

Timaru Youth Conversation Cafe

Timaru's first Youth Conversation Cafe was held on 14 August 2017.  

It was hosted by the Timaru District Council and the YMCA.  This was an opportunity for adults and young people to come together and celebrate all things great about Timaru and then inspire each other to dream about what could make Timaru even better.

The passion and enthusiasm (fuelled by good food) saw the evening identify key projects to be investigated further.  These included more Free Wifi, extended bus operating hours and range, a youth activity centre and more cycleways.  The next step is exciting and will see young people come together to form an action group to look at making these dreams reality.

YMCA Resiliency Toolkit

The YMCA South and Mid Canterbury have developed a Resiliency Toolkit aimed at 14 - 18 year olds.  It is delivered in secondary schools across South and Mid Canterbury building important life skills in stress management, decision making around drugs and alcohol, healthy relationships, cyber safety and peer mentoring.  Resilient young peopler able to bounce back from whatever life throws at them.

Sessions are interactive, fun and informed by young people's feedback and questions.

Term III of 2017 saw Chris working with Year 9 classes at Mount Hutt College.  

The young people were eager to participate in the games, the role plays and the discussions.  The questions were poignant and honest.  It was a privilege to get to know these high school students and be trusted by them to hear their stories and their concerns.  

The final session with one class discussed mental health.  

The young people recognised that people who are always sad could be described as depressed.  "Emo" suggested one person.   "So what would we call someone who is always happy?"  "Elmo!" the class declared.  A new medical condition?

Selwyn Parenting Network Family Fun Day

The annual Family Fun Day organised by the Selwyn Parenting Network saw over 2000 people enjoying the fun and activities at the Lincoln Event Centre on 12 October.  

Pony rides, face painting, bouncy castles, peddlemania, and even a magician made for a fantastic day out for the families of Selwyn.  Congratulations to the team from the Selwyn Parenting Network.  4YP is proud to be part of this community network and to support the many family events and parenting support programmes SPN facilitates.

Lincoln Has Got Talent

An annual event enjoyed by the people of Lincoln and visitors.  The Lincoln Christmas Parade is looked forward to each year.  A colourful parade of local identities and community groups, a Christmas Market and the eagerly anticipated Lincoln's Got Talent.  Young people compete for prizes, but more importantly this is a community event enjoyed by the whole family that celebrates the young people who rake the stage to sing, dance, play instruments...  

4YP is pleased to provide the equipment as well as challenge Chris to multi-task as the sound engineer, MC and Judge.  Congratulations to the team of volunteers who year after year deliver a fabulous event for the whole community.

4YP Youth Action Group

Generation House began as a dream by Selwyn young people who envisioned a place that could be the heart of their community. It is founded on the values developed by Selwyn’s youth.  Young people dreamed the dream, we want to invite young people to share the adventure that is Generation House.

The 4YP Youth Action Group meets monthly at Generation House.  This is a a place here local young people can come together, share ideas, develop passion projects and be change makers in their community.  Passion Projects proposed include a community radio station, the development of a Youth Space for music rehearsals, events and hanging out, a community art project, community garden and mentoring programme.  It is exciting when young people are encouraged to take the lead, and they do.  For more information about the 4YP Youth Action Group email and check out the article featuring this project in The Record:

Community Events 2017

4YP and Sound Entertainment are pleased to support community and youth projects and events which practise positive youth development.  In 2017 these have included:

- Southern Camp Quality 2017 

- Limitless IBY Leadership Development

- Selwyn Parenting Network Family Fun Day

- Q-Topia Mardis Gras

- South Island Youth Connect

- Selwyn Relay For Life

- Timaru Youth Conversation Cafe

- Waiau Family Disco

- Northcote Blue Light Disco

- Hurunui Youth Programme Dance Party

- Parenting Week 2017

- Blue Light Skate Disco

- Lincoln Blue Light UV Party

- Darfield Has Got Talent

- Strengthening The Youth Sector Hui 2017

- Selwyn Parenting Network Family Fun Day

- Selwyn Waiwera Youth Trust Bonfire Night

- Unforgetaball 2017

- Bounce Youth Art Exhibition

- Lincoln Has Got Talent

Selwyn Parenting Network Children's Day

Sunday 4 March saw the annual Rolleston Children's Day move to Foster Park.  

A new venue and the first outing of the new 4YP stage.  A fabulous day out for the entire community.  Free activities, great food and talented artists and performers on the 4YP stage.  Feedback from the thousands who attended to celebrate the Selwyn Parenting Network's 5th Birthday was overwhelmingly positive.  

Congratulations to the dedicated team of volunteers and the Rolleston community who supported us.

4YP FM 88.3

4YP operates a community radio station in Prebbleton.  4YP FM 88.3 uses a low powered FM transmitter and broadcasts to the village of Prebbleton.  Programming features music genres as diverse as retro, 70s, Skate Rock, Contemporary Christian as well as pop and party remixes.  Special features include interviews with local identities and recordings of local concerts and events (Sensational Selwyn Sounds.  

4YP FM id - 4YP
00:00 / 00:00

LYFE (Linwood Youth Festival Experience)

4YP was involved with the first 12 years of LYFE.  This year saw 4YP return to the event in its 20th year.  This event is a Youth Festival planned and run by young people.  LYFE aims to celebrate the young people and community of Linwood with activities music, cultural performances, food....  Linwood Park becomes the home of LYFE each year.  This year the LYFE Crew invited 4YP to supply a second stage for young and up-coming performers. 

Hip Hop artists, guitarists, slam poets and even belly dancing was featured on the 4YP stage.  Thanks LYFE crew for the chance to be involved again.  4YP looks forward to next year.

Father and Son Camp

Over the weekend of 25 - 27 May 4YP partnered with the Youth Alive Trust to run a Father and Son Camp at Woodend.  This was a weekend away for fathers and their teenage sons.  

The programme included plenty of outdoor activities, good food, chill time and a few key sessions looking at topics such as communication, circles of authority and family contracting.  

The camp was designed to help fathers and sons to build on their relationships.  The Youth Alive Trust has run camps for fathers and sons before but this was the first aimed at fathers and their teenage sons.  It was also an opportunity for Chris to trail the sessions he has refreshed from the G.A.I.N. (Getting Alternative Information Now) parenting course.  

The material worked very well and it is hoped that a six week course for parents and their teenagers will be offered towards the end of the year.

The enthusiastic feedback from the camp's participants means that another Father and Son Camp is planned for later in 2018 for families in the Selwyn district.


Kids Fest 2018 Waimakariri Pool Parties

There is something special about combining a DJ, challenges, prizes and a pool.  

All of the ingredients for a Pool Party.  

Great fun had by all (including the DJ).   Diving for Treasure and of course the now famous Fear Factor involving placing pegs on your partner's face.  A perfect photo opportunity.


Blue Light Discos

Chris has been involved with Blue Light since its inception back in the late 1980s.  

He began planning and DJing Blue Light Discos in Dunedin before travelling throughout the South Island running discos, camps and leadership programmes for the NZ Police.  

Chris' mobile disco, CoMotion, continues to be the disco of choice for Blue Light events.  

Blue Light Ventures operates nationwide running community and youth events as well as leadership and mentoring programmes.  Almost 30 years on Chris is still involved as part of the Blue Light Canterbury team.  

In 2009 Chris was awarded the Blue Light Patron's Award in recognition of his voluntary contribution to Blue Light.


Canterbury Youth Awards

Youth Voice Canterbury hosted the first Canterbury Youth Awards in 2016.  

The event celebrated the young people  who have contributed to the communities of Canterbury.  The inaugural was so successful that Youth Voice Canterbury are committed to running the Awards bi-annually.  4YP was proud to be part of this event and to continue supporting the Youth Voice Canterbury Network.


4YP Music Cafes

For 16 years 4YP was a strategic partner of the Christchurch City Council.  During this time a project called Youth Casfes was developed which saw young performers given the opportunity to perform in youth venues all over Christchurch.  A number of bands and musicians were mentored through this project and a number of youth venues and organisations also benefitted from the experience.  During Chris' time with th Selwyn District Council he took this model to run Youth Cafes in actual cafes including the Darfield Bakery.  During this period Steve and Jenny White established Zebedee, an all ages live performance venue, originally in central Christchurch and later in Blenheim Road, Sockburn.  Zebedees closed after the Christchurch earthquakes but Steve's passion for seeing young people perform never went away.  In 2018 Chris and Steve resurrected the Youth Cafe model.  Now called the 4YP Music Cafe, this project sees Chris and Steve overseeing monthly events hosted y youth organisations showcasing young perormermers including bands, solol artists, dancers, musicians and hip hop artists.  Youth organisations are offered training and support to host these evenings. 4YP coordinates the project as well as providing the sound and lighting equipment.  More information, recordings and videos from 4YP Music Cafes can be found on the 4YP Music Cafe page of this website.

This project is a collaboration between 4YP, Zebedees, Garden of Sound, the Papanui Youth Development Trust and Amplify School of Music.


The Unforgetaball

The inaugural Unforgetaball was held in 2006.  This annual event is for young people with special needs, their families and friends.   A night that really celebrates inclusiveness and the strong sense of community that exists between these young people.  An inspirational pair of mothers asked Chris from 4YP to be part of this project from the beginning.  

12 years on the Unforgetaball has grown to the point where it sells out and enquiries for tickets start the day after the last ball.  Only on one occasion has the ball been skipped (due to the Christchurch Earthquakes).  In 2018 Linda and Tania were recognised with a special volunteers' award from the NZ Down Syndrome Association.

The Unforgetaball now features a live band and DJ, and has moved to a bigger venue as it continues to grow.  This unique event is a highlight of 4YP's calendar and Chris feels privileged to be part of this.


Selwyn Parenting Network Family Fun Day


This annual event is a highlight for Selwyn Families during the school holidays.  Up to 1000 parents and children come to the Lincoln Event Centre for arts and crafts, games, rides and entertainment.  This year featured double decker bus rides as well as segways.  

The weather saw the event moved inside which meant that entertainers could use the indoor stage.

The SPN Family Fun Day has proved to be a celebration for all in years gone by, and this year was no different.  Another fabulous fun day with some past previously popular entertainment, a few new attractions and of course all brought to you with the same level of enthusiasm, and passion that SPN has become renowned for.   

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 11.05.23

The Quake-Off

This was the second year of the Quake Off, the first year that 4YP came alongside the crew from A Culture Rising to present this event.  The venue was Evolution Square in the centre Christchurch alongside Little High.  This proved to be a great venue on a sunny day for the young talent from A Culture Rising to showcase their abilities.  The audience was treated to a variety of performances including hip hop dance, rappers and live bands.  The dance off was very popular and saw enthusiastic participation form the crowd.

Congratulations to George Read for organising this event and securing the funding and the performers.  4YP looks forward tenet year's concert and other opportunities to work with your crew and young people.


Camp Quality

The Party Night at the annual Camp Quality at Living Springs has been a high light for the past 27 years.   It continues to be a lot of fun entertaining the campers and companions.


Camp Purple

4YP was delighted to partner with Blue Light to run a dance party on the last night of Camp Purple at Living Springs.  


Community Events 2018

4YP and Sound Entertainment are pleased to support community and youth projects and events which practise positive youth development.  In 2018 these have included:

- Southern Camp Quality 2018

- Limitless IBY Leadership Development

- YMCA South Canterbury Team Building

- Quake Escape Pool Party

- Waiau Drive In Movie

- WaiYouth All Night Party

- Selwyn Parenting Network Family Fun Day

- South Island Youth Connect

- LYFE (Linwood Youth Festival Experience)

- Father and Son Camp

- Northcote Blue Light Disco

- Hurunui Youth Programme Dance Party

- Waimakariri Kids Fest Pool Party

- Canterbury Youth Awards

- HYP Formals

- Parenting Week 2018

- Blue Light Skate Disco

- Te Kohatu Dance Party

- Synergy Youth Hawaiian Beach Party

- Strengthening The Youth Sector Hui 2018

- Selwyn Parenting Network Family Fun Day

- Unforgetaball 2018

- Quake Off

4YP Music Cafes (x 4)

- Garden of Sound Live

- West Melton Blue Light Disco 


Music Cafes 2019

Monthly Music Cafes kicked off for 2019 at the Papanui Youth Development Trust on 5 April.  The number of performers and bands continues to grow as do the venues and performance opportunities.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 10.44.55

Relay for Life Selwyn 2019

Saturday 6th April 2019: 2pm - 8pm   Brookside Park, Rolleston

Relay For Life is an inspirational and fun event for everyone of all fitness levels, during which participants  celebrate with survivors, remember loved ones lost to cancer and come together as a community to fight back against cancer.  Teams set up their sites and take turns relay style walking/running around a track for 12 hours while enjoying a carnival atmosphere of live music, entertainment, games, activities and fantastic community camaraderie.  This annual event is organised by an amazing team of volunteers.  4YP is privileged to be part of this event each year providing equipment, performers and activities.  2019's event was postponed following the tragedy that occurred in Christchurch on 15 May.   The event was moved to Saturday 6 April.  Performers included the incredibly talented crew from A Culture Rising.   Despite the day being cold,  the hearts of the participants and volunteers were warm and the event raised in excess of $50 000 for the fight against cancer.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 5.26.28 PM.png

LYFE 2019

In 2019 LYFE celebrated 21 years of LYFE! 

LYFE (Linwood Youth Festival Experience) is a Linwood-focused event where youth pride, diversity and achievements are celebrated.

The first festival was held in 1998 thanks to local youth wanting to share what was positive in Linwood. Still going strong, the four-hour event is planned with young people involved in all aspects. It provides a great line up of local performers, have-a-go activities, food stalls and information from health, education and community information providers.

It was all go at Linwood Park on Saturday 9th March 12pm – 4pm! Youth performances, a massive sportzone and heaps of epic things to try including have a go  DJ-ing and the Cheapskates skate school.

4YP was invloed with the first eleven years of this event and was back last year.  In 2019 4YP provided equipment and stage management on the day as well as support of the youth planning and running the Festival.


Garden of Sound LIVE


An original event where young musicians were paired with older artists to collaborate on shared performances.  Featuring Twin Harmony with Moses Robbins and Olivia Eady with Amiria Grenell.

The night was organised by Ian Turner, the presenter and founder of Garden of Sound.  Held at the Caledonian Society Hall in Edgeware the venue was dressed up for the night with refreshments and an alcohol free bar.  But the magic was on the stage with beautiful performances by all.  A great way to celebrate New Zealand Music Month and a selection of very talented musicians.


Father Son Camp 


This weekend away was an opportunity for Fathers and their teenage sons to spend a weekend of quality time together.  Great food, fun activities and opportunities to discuss topics such as family contracts, circles of responsibility and communication.

The Selwyn Parenting Network partnered with the Youth Alive Trust to run this weekend at Woodend.  A great time had by all.

Great feedback from was received after the Father Son Camp.  

More events for Fathers and Sons are planned in the future.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 8.21.50 AM.png

Vision and Pines


It is always great to work alongside the Hurunui Youth Programme crew.  Vision and Pines was the biggest event of Youth Week 2019 celebrating the opening of the  Youth Restoration Site at Balmoral Forest featuring all the workshops, conservation themed activities and music festival.  Agree lamb BBQ was provided by the Hawarden/Waikari Volunteer Rural Fire Force and even Mr Whippy was there.


The music festival show cased some of the fabulous talented young people of the Hurunui District as well as guests from Christchurch.

IMG_5594 2.JPG

CYC Amazing Race


4YP is all about partnerships.  This event was designed and led by the young people of the Christchurch Youth Council.  Teams of young people and families followed clues around the Christchurch C BD.  The Race concluded at the Christchurch Youth Space where 4YP was proud to support the event by providing equipment and entertainment.


The Unforgetaball 2019


Always a highlight of the year.  Once again this event sold out.  400 young people and their parents attended the 2019 Unforgetaball.  The energy the young people bring to this evening is unrivalled.  4YP supplies the sound and the lightingas well as the live entertainment for this annual event.  The band loves this event so much that they book it in a year in advance so not to miss out.  The format of the event is co-designed by the families and young people.  


Family Fun Day 2019


October 2019 @ The Lincoln Domain

The Family Fun Day is an annual event run by the Selwyn Parenting Network.  Chris is a committee member of the Selwyn Parenting Network and involved with planning and delivering this event.  4YP provides the staging, sound and stage management on the day.  This is one of two annual big events the Selwyn Parenting Network runs for the families of Selwyn.  Over 2000 children and their whanau attended this event which included live entertainment, free activities and refreshments.  A number of organisations that work with Selwyn families join the Selwyn Parenting Network on the day to promote  their organisations and support this mahi.

Dudley Pool Pool Party


February 2020 @ Dudley Pool, Rangiora

Chris has been designing and running pool parties since the 1990s.   4YP Pool Parties are interactive and inclusive.  Activities are designed to be fun, but above all able to be enjoyed by all.  A variety of challenges make up the programme, each aimed at different age groups and abilities so that everyone is included.  A number of spot prizes are included too so that everyone has a chance to take home a prize.

The Fear Factor style pegs to the face challenge is always a favourite and very photogenic.


Selwyn Children's Day 2020

March 2020 @ Foster's Park - Rolleston

The Selwyn Parenting Network runs this event each year for the families of Selwyn.  As the Selwyn district has grown, so has the Children';s Day celebrations.  Literally thousands of people attend this day of entertainment and activities.  Groups and organisations that provide services to Selwyn families are showcased.  Activities are free as are some of the refreshments.

A large group of volunteers makes this event possible including young people from the community.  


Cafe Session

The Waiting Room Cafe opened in February 2020 shortly before the Covid 19 Lockdown.  Owned by Chris Martin the cafe aims to bring value and friendliness to the local community.  Local artists and musicians are invited to use the space and regular evening events are intended to be family friendly and accessible.  The first of these was the Cafe Session hosted in October 2020.  Events are run by 4YP. Cafe Sessions are intended to provide young musicians opportunities to perform.  An affordable 'After Hours' menu is available that whanau can attend.

Cafe Sessions 3.jpg

Neon Nui 2020

4YP has had a long time relationship with the Hurunui Youth Programme.  Chris has run training in the past for the young people who are part of the Hurunui Youth Council and Hurunui Youth Programme (HYP) on running an promotion events as well as mentoring the adult staff around mentoring and leadership Development.  The Neon Nui was planned by the young people of of HYP and held at Omihi.  Buses brought young people from all over the Hurunui District to this dance party.  On the night 4YP provided the lights and sound including UV lighting for the entire community centre.

Family Pizza & Quiz Night

Due to the increased popularity of Pub Quizes 4YP and The Waiting Room Cafe were asked to run a family friendly quiz night.  The cafe was perfect for the night with an 'After Hours' menu of pizza and a quiz written to include all members of the family.  The format was very successful and future Quiz Nights will be held.


Christmas In The City

The Christchurch City Mission invited Blue Light Canterbury to be part of this event aimed at families.  The central city of Christchurch hosted this inaugural festival day of activities and celebrations.  Blue Light Canterbury asked 4YP to create an outdoor 'Blue Light Disco'.  Music, challenges and games were run throughout the day creating opportunities for children, young people and their families to interact with the Police.

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 9.37.12 AM.png

Cafe Sessions

The second Cafe Session held at The Waiting Room Cafe featured House of Groove.  The band had not formed long before this event.  They have since become one of the most popular bands in Christchurch with a regular bookings at clubs.



Youth Workers and organisations on the Eastside of Christchurch identified the need for youth events for the communities they work in.  4YP was approached to plan a series of events but instead advocated for the youth workers in those communities be resourced to deliver events.  4YP offered support with planning and oversight as well as being present on the day to support the youth workers.  The team at the Youth and Cultural Development Society (YCD) developed a series of events branded as FRESH.  This is an exciting development as the youth workers leading this project has attended 4YP events since the age of 12 years.  It has been a delight and privilege to see them move into this role and to support them to do so.  FRESH events are very youth focused and feature a lot of collaboration between a range of youth development organisations including YCD, the Christchurch Youth Council, Rerenga Awa and VOYCE.  

The first event took place at the Christchurch Youth Space in the central city and featured a 3 on 3 Basketball Compoetition, free refreshments, free hair cuts, DJ and liver performances.


FRESH Uptown Boogie Down

The Uptown Boogie Down ws the second event presented by the FRESH crew.   The team did a remarkable job convincing the Christchurch Art Gallery to allow them to hold a youth dance party in their foyer.  Free refreshments, live performances by youth people from Th' Orchard, DJ and break dancing made this a successful first for the Art Gallery with staff saying they would be happy for the FRESH crew to use the space again.  An added bonus was surprise performance by Scribe who afterwards mixed with the young people.


Selwyn Children's Day

14 March 2021

A flag ship event for the Selwyn Parenting Network, the Children's Day celebration held in Rolleston annually has grown year on year.  Literally thousands of children and their whanau attend this fun day which includes live performances, interactive activities, games, refreshments and information stalls promoting services available to the people of Selwyn.

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